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The welfare state; priorities in the public sector and the choice between public institutions and private alternatives are constantly up for debate. No matter the ideology behind the different choices, there is one goal that everyone wants to achieve: Better value for your money. The significance of this goal are more important than ever with the current economic crisis; it will be even more prominent with the sweeping demographic changes in many first world countries that leaves fewer young people to take care of a growing population of elderlies.

Intelligent welfare technology is not the entire answer – far from it, and technology can never replace human care. However, welfare technology is a part of the solution and it can actually help with freeing up human resources and improving the welfare – without raising the cost.

Wear&Care® is one example of this technology and a good example if you ask us! It is developed for a growing group of people suffering from incontinence, and therefore for the all the institutions that cares for this group of people.

Can we test at your place?

Suma Care is always looking for new partners, who are willing to help with the development of Wear&Care® through tests.

If you are interested in the possibility to test Wear&Care®in your county, caring institution or hospital, then you are more than welcome to contact Jörn Hamdorf via email or phone: +45 27261656.

Working environment test in Copenhagen

We have just completed a two week test in the caring homes Lynghuset og Hyldeblomst in Copenhagen. We tested Wear&Care® in cooperation with the personnel on several of the residents.

The tests focused on improving the working environment for the caring personnel, without lowering the service level.

The preliminary results looks promising, and shows the following:

  • Wear&Care® can reduce the number of problematic moves by the personnel.
  • The residents experience fewer disturbances at night, this is contributing to a better nights sleep and thereby also to a better quality of life.


The test and the results will be verified in a comparable test at the caring home Skansebakken.

New test results looks promising

We are  now done with the second part of our test course focused on the working environment of the caring personnel. The test is set at the caring home Skansebakken south of Vejle.

The results, so far, seems to follow the positive trends from our previous test (Test in Copenhagen). Our goal of reducing the number of unnecessary moves and disturbances of the users in connection with diaper changes, seems to be achievable.

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