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Wear&Care® is easy to install and operate on a daily basis. This allows users living at home and self-supporting users to take advantage of Wear&Care® with little or no help from assisting caring personnel, maybe a little help from their relatives is sufficient?

This means that more users can remain in their own home for a longer time. This will not only their well-being but also increase the freedom for both users and relatives, as well as reducing resource spending for the relevant caring partners be it private or public.

In other words: More dignity and increased quality of life for fewer resources.


Wear&Care® is groundbreaking due to its simple functionality and its unique advantages. You can read more about the highlights of Wear&Care® via the following links.

A daily life with more dignity

Incontinence comes, more often than not, with age, an estimated 20% or more of the population above the age of 65 years are affected. A number of diseases and handicaps can also lead to you to diaper usage. 50,000 adults in Denmark are estimated to require help on a daily basis, to treat their incontinence. Wear&Care® has a potential to increase the quality of life for this large group of citizens, by minimizing the inconveniences related to diaper usage. Wear&Care® can remove the need to continuously check the diaper for content, amongst other functionalities.

Wear&Care® gives self-reliant citizens a better opportunity to follow their diaper usage, and decide when they wish to change the diaper. They can follow the level of fluid in the diaper on a smartphone or tablet, and thereby receive notice when it is full. This will give them more personal freedom and dignity.

The possibility to control your own diaper, and plan the diaper changes, affords the most self-reliant citizens the option to continue living in their own home, instead of relocation to a nursing home. This comes with the freedom to visit friends and family without the fear of inappropriate situations, as Wear&Care® can be set to notify you well before the diaper is full, so the user has time to call for assistance or reach the comfort of their own home. Again, this affords them greater freedom and independence.

This is how it works

Wear&Care® is a small sensor that registers the amount of fluid in the diaper. When the fluid in the diaper has reached a predetermined level, a small transmitter, located on the outside of the diaper, notifies personnel that the diaper needs to be changed. This eliminates the need for continuous diaper checks and insures that the diaper is changed at the right time.

To change the diaper at exactly the right time, not too early and not too late, provides many advantages to users and related personnel. The users are comfortable and feel more dignified. The personnel saves time and effort on unnecessary diaper changes and it enables them to cut down on confrontations with users who do not like to get their diaper changed.

Wear&Care® will also positively affect the resources spent and the amount of care possible to give in the given institution. The reason for this is that the solution makes it easier to plan the diaper change, adapt the diaper size and optimize the diaper procurements with the user’s factual needs.


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