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  • Employees at care homes

Employees at care homes

Employees at the care centers and homes change a lot of diapers every day. 

Sometimes the diaper is changed without the diaper being full because the caregivers check the diapers routinely in a workflow. This has been best practice until now, so the citizen don’t have to sit in a wet diaper to long time. But now, new sensor technology has emerged on the market, which causes employees not to change the diaper routinely, but is now advised when it is time for chancing the diaper. Many check of diapers, change of diapers and heavy change of the hole wet bed can be avoided now with Wear&Care. The  sensor technology has been developed in relation to the employees working conditions, working environment and the dignity of the citizen.

The story behind Wear&Care is that a Sosu-helper had wondered if there was a possibility of making a solution, that could alert the staff before the diaper was completely full. It’s hard and heavy work for the employee to make so many changes daily as the staff do today and it’s not worthy for the citizen to sit in a wet diaper. It has taken several years to develop the solution, but now the sensor technology is finally a reality in the form of Wear&Care. Wear&Care is different from other diapers with sensors by being a 24/7 solution, and not just an examination diaper, and it fits all kinds of types and brands of diapers. Which means that the citizen can use different diapers during the day and at night and still use the sensor technology.
Wear&Care Sensor technology alerts the staff via a phone, device or what is used in the care center or home. This allows the employee to plan the visit to the citizen before it is too late. This means that there isn’t so many heavy change of diapers and  there is more time for other things with the citizen, because the employee can now change the diaper on time and before it’s to late. Workflows change so the employee don’t have to check the diaper un a certain time, but is advised by an alarm, so the citizen don’t have to sit with a wet diaper. Staff don’t have to wake up the citizen unnecessarily at night to check their diaper. The citizen can sleep through the hole night and be healthier and awake during the day.
The sensor is very easy to put on the diaper, the sensor is adhesive on one side which means that it’s quickly to put on the diaper.
Furthermore, Wear&Care is able to provide information to the Care Journal so the employees no longer have to document a diaper change in writing text. Wear&Care will be your new good colleague.
Does Wear&Care sound like something for your care centers, please contact Suma Care, so we can help you with a less stressful working life, with less shift of diapers and beds.

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