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About Suma Care

SUMA Care develops and implements welfare technological solutions which improves comfort and enhances the dignity of people suffering from moderate to severe incontinence.

The goal is to create more care for the users, better working conditions for the caring personnel and an optimized economy for the management.

Our first product is Wear&CareĀ® and it will be ready for sale during 2018.
You can read more about the functionalities and advantages of Wear&CareĀ® via the following links.

Improved quality of life
Optimized resource use
Valuable information gathering

A matter of life and quality

More than 200 million people are suffering from incontinence worldwide. Counting relatives and related personnel gives us a clear picture: Incontinence is a problem that affects many people and concerns everyone.

We at SUMA Care have made it our goal to help with this problem. This goal is why we have developed a solution that can improve the life for people affected by incontinence and help with streamlining the care sector.

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