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Suma Care Aps is an investor owned based in Odense, Denmark. The daily business is run by a team of dedicated employees.


Jörn Hamdorf, CEO

Phone: +45 2726 1656


Bringing along wast experience within strategy development, product and sales management, Jörn heads up Suma Care’s continuous growth, development and internationalisation.

Jörn holds an engineering degree from the Technical University of Denmark and a graduate diploma in BA from Copenhagen Business School and has positioned several med-tech companies in export markets.

Anne Cordel, Product Manager

Phone: +45 5357 1656


Anne brings a background as a consultant in welfare technology in the municipal area in health and care, focusing on implementation and, not least, maintaining the implementation.

Anne is educated nurse and holds a master’s degree in educational psychology from Aarhus University and has extensive experience in various specializations in hospitals, home nursing and medical practice.

Board of directors and shareholders

Suma Care’s top management is the board of directors, which partly reflects the owner base.


Mads Rasmussen, Welfare Tech Invest – Chairman

Kristina Jensen, AmpliFaia

Morten Kold Mikkelsen, Viewcare

Martin Stenfeldt, MedTrace

Peter Boman Samuelsen, VentriJect


From idea to Wear&Care®

The saying goes: “The first step is the hardest”. However, in our case it was straightforward. It began in 2011 with a realization and a question: Our society and welfare faces significant challenges to our resource usage, challenges that, amongst other things, stems from the demographic changes in Denmark – and other comparable countries. How do we maintain our service level while, due to the changes in the population, more and more people will require welfare benefits, and fewer people to deliver these benefits. The discussion became tangible very fast and focused on the growing number of elderlies and people with psychological and physical handicaps.

This led to the next question: Can we develop an intelligent, cost-conscious and welfare technological diaper solution? One which creates healthier sleep patterns, better quality of life and a more dignified existence for people suffering from moderate to severe incontinence.

Not because technology is meant to, or able to, replace real human care. It is more like the opposite: Because it can help freeing human resources, further the care for the individual users and improve the working conditions for the caring personnel. This thought grew quickly, and Suma Care Aps was born in 2012 and our first solution Wear&Care® followed.

A dignified vision meets reality

A number of domestic partners and investors, which also saw the same caring- and economical perspectives in us. The main idea is materializing in the product Wear&Care®, a product that already are proving its worth in the real life, amongst future users and caring personnel. Proving itself valuable economically and providing a more dignified life for the users. We are also experiencing an increasing amount of attention from international investors, producers and future partners.
We tested the prototype in the autumn of 2013 in a Danish nursing home – Holmely. The solution was well received, and we gained valuable feedback from the staff, users and relatives. This feedback helped transform the prototype to an actual product. We continued the test process in the years to follow with repeated successes, both in Holmely and other caring facilities.

We look forward to the launch of Wear&Care® during 2018.

Company values

Welfare technology cannot and shall not replace human care. Welfare technology can free up human resources and give the opportunity for more care, but only when we combine it with well-considered choices and priorities. This is the background for our company and our five main values.


One of Suma Care’s most important aims is to create a better quality of life for the people using our solutions. With this aim follows the responsibility as an obligation for the user, the relatives and the caring personnel. This responsibility is also valid in the way we handle sensitive information, information that we protect not just out of duty, but also on principle.


Suma Care’s solutions can increase the dignity, comfort and self-determination of the users. However, our solution can also enhance the caring personnel’s workday, as it can help create a more pleasant workday with less stress and fewer confrontations.


Respect is an expression of acknowledgement of the individual’s needs and boundaries. At Suma Care, respect also means that we recognize and respect the relatives and the caring personnel’s work and challenges. We are very aware of the development and implementation of our solutions.


Quality is a keyword when we talk about our own professionalism, our solutions and our ambitions to adapt to the premises in the caring profession. We work continuously to create innovative solutions, which assures a high degree of professionalism and quality in the caring profession. This is valid on level with the individual user as well as with management.


When you work with welfare technology ethical dilemmas can arise. We are very aware of this; this is why our work is grounded in an ethical codec. A codec that is not only based on our own values, but also incorporates our customers and partners set of values. This ensures that our solutions are adapted to the user’s needs and not the other way around.

Business partners and investors

A number of private and public investors have injected capital into our business, amongst them structural fund capital from the European Regional Development Fund, just as we are supported by innovative and engaged investors. We look forward to expanding our group of investors and partners, who will help supporting this business and create a healthy business, to the benefit of the many and the advantage of the individual.

Suma Care have received funding from the following funds and companies:



We are testing our product in collaboration with several Danish caring institutions both public and private:
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