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Leaders of care centers

The employees at the care centers check and change a lot of diapers every day and spend a lot of time on this. Another task which is resourceful is the change of the entire wet bed because the diaper was to full. Sometimes it requires 2 employees to change a resident, all clothes and bedding are sent to wash and large waste.  This could be avoided with the use of Wear&Care.
It means for the individual care center that resources and time will be released, with a greater job satisfaction for the employees who don’t have so many heavy shifting. With the use of Wear & Care it will lead to less sickness among the employees at the care center, making it easier to cover the shift, as the work becomes less stressful and less physically hard with fewer heavy shifting and person lifting and moving.
There will be a decrease in hospitalization due to fewer UVI and fractures. There will be fewer bedsore as the diaper is changed when it’s time for it. The resident is not being woken up unnecessarily and the residents will therefore be more healthier and can cooperate better during the day.
Additionally, an API is available so that the employee doesn’t have to document in the journal for every change of diapers. A note will be sent directly to the care journal. It would also say that valid documentation always exists if, for example, relatives complain and say that the residents’ diapers don’t being changed often enough, the care center have the valid documentation, that the diaper is changed in time.
By using Wear & Care, it may be possible for some residents to be trained to completely avoid the use of diapers, as it becomes possible to follow the residents urinary pattern completely. For other residents, this means that they can go down to size, and use fewer diapers with a big financial gain.
All in all, Wear & Care could contribute dignity to the residents, better working environment for employees and financial benefits for the care center.

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