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The employees at the care centers and homes change a lot of diapers every day and spend a lot of unnecessary time on this. Another task that is resourceful and unnecessary is the change of the entire wet bed because the diaper was crowded. Sometimes it requires 2 employees to change a citizen,  all clothes and bedding are sent to wash and large waste.  This could be avoided with the use of Wear&Care.
With Wear&Care, there are several gains to gain from both material and efficiency, there is a positive Business Case as the basis for Wear & Care. The business Case is currently being validated in a larger project with both municipalities and private operaters in Denmark as collaborators.
Data is stored in a cloud that is 100% secure according to the  GDPR  it’s Azure from Microsoft.
In relation to implementation, Suma Care is teaching to educate super users, resource people, fellow administrators and other stakeholders. It’s easy to be trained in Suma Cares solution Wear & Care. It’s important that Wear & Care  is maintaining the implementation for the best effect of Wear & Care. It’s quite natural that those responsible for the project get new jobs, go to maternity, leave or get another position somewhere in an organization, but there is a risk that the project will be lost if not followed up on Suma Care will do that.
requires that there is a call and alarm system on site where Wear & Care will be implemented and Wi-Fi.
The system is a cloud solution  which means that the organization  don’t need to operate or have someone  to run the system them self. The system is supported by Suma Care. We of course sign a agreement of data storage, if the organization doesn’t have an agreement of data storage by them self,  we can offer a standard contract.
In relation to documentation, employees do not have to write in the journal everytime they change the diapers on citizens using Wear & Care. Suma Care has the option of API for your care system, that is, the data Wear & Care register, and sent directly to the care system.
All in all, Wear & Care could contribute dignity to the citizen, better working environment for the employees and economic benefits for the municipality.

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